Do Your Customers “Follow” You?

Years ago your customers would call your business to ask about your daily specials, read the newspaper for the sales ads you would pay to have published, or they would stop by to comparison shop with your competitors’ prices in mind. Social media has changed all of that.

Today your customers and potential customers can find this same information in their social media news feed, or can “tweet” a question to you.
Now is the best time to start your social media presence. As Facebook and Twitter grow in the Florida Keys, and more people are turning to Pinterest for the answers they seek, your business can build your presence before your competition does.
We can help you with professionally created and managed Facebook and Twitter accounts, for as low as $20 a month. Additional options include a presence on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and more depending on the needs of your business. We also work to increase your presence on sites or apps which allow reviews of your business and products.
If you are interested, you can request a free, no cost, no obligation consultation to determine how social media can best benefit your small business, please call or text: (605) 681-6877, email, or visit:

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